Clean sounds better, but ultrasonic makes all the difference!

Made from love – for lovers

Knosti Disco-Antistat is a worldwide synonym for solid and affordable record cleaning machines that are made in Germany. This has made us the market leader for manual record cleaning machines.

Out of love for enjoying music undisturbed, we designed our first Disco-Antistat record cleaning machine more than 45 years ago and have been developing it continuously since then. This development has culminated in our automatic record cleaning machine, Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic 2.0, which is setting new standards and has rapidly become a superior product.

The combination of ultrasonic cleaning and our proven goat hair brush system ensures gentle, groove-deep cleaning of your records and an audible improvement in sound quality.

From now on available with NEW improvements!

The new production series has received a, by the material addition of fiberglass, reinforced inner tray. This new composition makes the device even more durable and robust!

Another significant improvement is the new solenoid valve, which makes the pumping process even more comfortable and easier. The previous manual drain cock is now history, and the solenoid valve automates another step.

Quality, longevity, and functional design have always been our focus, which means we can guarantee our customers many years of enjoying our products and enjoying music.

For record lovers , Knosti offers reliable cleaning solutions for every budget, and offers everyone undisturbed enjoyment of their music, because “Only properly clean sounds properly clean!”

Disco-Antistat a comparison of record cleaning machines

Disco-Antistat Generation II PLUS
Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic 2.0
Cleaning principle brushes brushes ultrasonic & brushes
Cleaning manual manual automatic
Drive manual manual (crank axle) electric
Control none none automatic
Label cover with seating ring no yes yes
Cleaning fluid filtering manual (when returning to the protective flask) manual (when returning to the protective flask) automatic (permanent filtering during operation)
Cleaning progress display no no yes
Display no no yes
Cleaning fluid return manual (supplied with funnel incl. filter paper) manual (supplied with funnel incl. filter paper) automatic (electric pump) & magnetic valve
Tub capacity approx. 500ml approx. 500ml approx. 650ml

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