Disco-Antistat Generation II Plus – the optimum device for cleaning and care of your records.

Super easy to use, excellent results!

The record is turned between two soft goat hair brushes in the cleaning machine, which gently removes dust and other dirt from the grooves.  

The PLUS for sound:

  • Gentle and effective cleaning from special brushes made of goat hair, for a noticeable sound increase.
  • Automatic treatment during cleaning continuously protects from static charge and future soiling caused by dust.
  • Cleaning fluid evaporates without leaving any residue, and can be used multiple times thanks to a filter.
  • Even new records sound noticeably better after being cleaned with Disco-Antistat.

With improved functionality.

  • 105 mm label cover with rubber seals and crank for a safe and comfortable clean.
  • Non-slip rubber pads ensure stable positioning during operation.
  • Level indicator so that you can fill the cleaning liquid to the correct level in the tub
  • Complete set with a wide range of accessories

Disco-Antistat Generation II PLUS Ultraclean

Practical care set for cleaning records.
Now with alcohol-free Disco-Antistat Ultraclean Concentrate

Made in Germany!

€ 129,00

Disco-Antistat Generation II PLUS

Our proven product with improved functionality
Practical care set for basic cleaning

Made in Germany!

€ 109,00