Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic 2.0 – The most thorough way to clean records!

Our record washing machine Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic combines over 45 years of experience with the care and cleaning of records with highly developed, state-of-the-art cleaning technology.

The combination of ultrasonic cleaning and our proven goat hair brush system ensures gentle, groove-deep cleaning of your records and an audible improvement in sound quality.

From now on available with NEW improvements!

The new production series has received a reinforced inner tub, due to the material addition of fiberglass. This new composition makes the device even more durable and robust!

Another significant improvement is the new magnetic valve, which makes the pumping process even more comfortable and easier. The previous manual drain valve is now history, and the magnetic valve automates another step.

Cleanliness you can hear:

  • A powerful ultrasonic oscillator produces cavitation bubbles, which work directly on dirt, removing it gently but effectively even in places that can’t be accessed by conventional cleaning methods.
  • Permanent filtering of the cleaning solution during operation minimises contamination of the fluid so that you can achieve the best possible cleaning results at any time.
  • Alcohol-free cleaning concentrate reliably dissolves even stubborn dirt, and treats the record so that it is anti-static.

Quick, quiet and comfortable:

  • Simple and intuitive handling as well as considerably reduced operating elements allow for the best results from the first record on.
  • Inserting and removing the record is simple and quick thanks to the innovative magnetic coupling.
  • Cleaning duration can easily be adjusted via the functional display depending on how dirty the record is.
  • Driven by an electric motor, the record rotates evenly in the tub, which results in a homogeneous treatment using ultrasound.
  • A clearly visible progress indicator gives you information on the cleaning status at a glance.
  • After use, the filtered cleaning fluid can be pumped back into the bottle at the touch of a button.
  • Complete set with a wide range of accessories

Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic 2.0

 „Clean sounds better“— Properly clean makes it sound properly clean!

Superior automatic ultrasound record cleaning machine.

Made in Germany!

€ 1249,00