Disco-Antistat – The simplest way to clean records

Proven since 1978!

The optimums solution for cleaning your records on a budget. Our classic record cleaning machine provides reliable and quick cleaning.

Lots of sound for a little money:

  • Cleans into grooves and continuously prevents static charge.
  • Audible improvement to sound quality even with brand new records.
  • Gentle and efficient at the same time, thanks to cleaning brushes made from goat hair.

Revised, now with new features:

  • Larger 105 mm seal for better protection of labels.
  • Casing with replaceable brushes made from goat hair.
  • Level indicator makes it easy to fill the tub with the right amount of cleaning fluid.
  • Complete set with a wide range of accessories


Cleaning set incl. 1 litre of Disco-Antistat Mixture cleaning fluid.

Made in Germany!

€ 79,00