Black, for 50 LPs.

More than 1 million boxes sold!

Possibilities offered by the modular construction of the individual boxes are so varied that they can be combined vertically or horizontally. Supplied connection strips stabilise the shelf construction and create the impression of a homogeneous unit.

Dimensions: W = 180 / H = 348 / D = 327 mm

€ 24,99

Disco-Antistat Ultraclean, 200 ml

Disco-Antistat Ultraclean, concentrate for record washing

200 ml cleaning concentrate

  • Makes 5 litres of ready-mixed cleaning liquid (in a ratio of 1:25, e.g. with high-purity water Disco-Antistat BiDest)
  • Reliably removes dirt such as dust, grease, protein or nicotine
  • Antistatic effect
  • Alcohol-free
  • Dries without leaving residues

Disco-Antistat Ultraclean concentrate is suitable for use with all record washers!

€ 29,99

Disco-Antistat Mixture, 1 liter cleaning fluid

Having bought the DISCO-ANTISTAT MIXTURE means essential progress regarding cleaning and care of your valuable records. From now on you are in the position to clean and make antistatical old and contaminated records just like new. Even records which have been played by using a sort of liquid can now be played with a dry surface. But also new records will immediately beantistatical after use of DISCO-ANTISTAT MIXTURE. Even after extreme stress, the most sensitive measuring instruments will not indicate any statical charge.

€ 24,99

Disco-Antistat BiDest

Disco-Antistat BiDest

  • 1 litre bidistilled water, chemically pure, demineralised
  • For the production of approx. 1 litre of cleaning liquid for records (in a ratio of 1:25, e.g. with Disco-Antistat Ultraclean)
  • Suitable for all record washers!
  • According to VDE 0510, DIN EN 285, ISO 3696 (II) and DIN 43530

Disco-Antistat BiDest is suitable for use with all record washers!

€ 4,99

Disco Antistat Generation II PLUS spare parts package

Spare parts package for our record washers Generation II PLUS

  •     1 sealing shell incl. crank axle with 105mm diameter
  •     2 sealing rings
  •     2 spare brushes
  •     2 screws for axle holder
  •     2 axle holders
  •     1 set of non-slip rubber feet

Also suitable as upgrade from Generation II to II PLUS!

€ 32,99

Disco Antistat sealing shell

Label sealing shell suitable for our record washer Disco-Antistat

€ 9,99

Label cover Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic

Label cover with magnetic coupling for ultrasonic plate washer Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic

€ 14,99

Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic accessory set

Practical accessory set for Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic

consisting of:

  •     1 reusable replacement filter aluminium/glass
  •     2 replacement goat hair brushes
  •     1 sponge brush for cleaning and drying the tub

€ 22,99

Filter Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic

Replacement filter for record washing machine Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic

  • Durable, reusable filter with housing made of high-quality anodised aluminium and glass
  • Extremely easy to maintain, as the filter can be removed in a few simple steps and completely dismantled for cleaning
  • Easy to use, you can see at a glance when the filter needs cleaning

Suitable for all record washing machines Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic, machines with older filters can be converted without any problems.

9,99 €